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Entry #3

Crap sound? Here's why-

2012-12-30 15:38:15 by CadenceEssentials

I totally forgot to mention to those who listen to my music. My music is made in FL Studio 10, which supports bass control and all these fancy features. So if you're wondering why on earth it sounds so bad when you play it through normal headphones or your computer speaker, it's because they suck. I use Turtle Beach X12s when I produce music. This means:

1. They are High Quality.
2. I can control the bass.
3. No skippy music.
4. No audio failures.
5. Clean performance.

The Turtle Beach headsets are really nice, and anyone who is a big music listener, they are a [MUST] have. So be sure to get yourself a pair. When you listen to my music then through premium headsets, headphones, or speakers, the experience will be much better. I promise.

"What the hell is 'skippy music' Cadence?"
I use the term 'skippy music' when you use effects and your music has a certain rhythm to it that causes average speakers or headsets to play it in a skippy pace. A great example of this to test if your headset/phones, speakers suck; play my song 'Flight'. If your headset/phones/speakers suck, you'll notice there is a choppy skip hop sound to it. For others that do own TB X12s, try fiddling with the bass option and moving it higher. If you want to have a real nice time, just set the bass all the way up.

Thanks for reading!


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